MoYoBi for Microsoft Teams

MoYoBi for Microsoft Teams

Cloud based Monitoring & Call Analytics solution for Microsoft Teams

Designed for small, medium and large companies through a secured access.

Provides dedicated statistics and detailed reports to supervise the activity on Auto Attendant & Call Queues.

Delivers specialized reports from the Agent’s perspective to monitor their performance and asses their efficiency.

An innovative licensing portal to manage MoYoBi Cloud Licensing.

Powered aaS complete solution

MoYoBi is able to manage from 1 to +1000 customers on one platform. Each customer can handle 10 to +100.000 users with an easy license management system that is always the last & up-to-date version. We guarantee a dedicated support access.
New Reporting Designs including Predefined Widgets
Comprehensive filtering, graphical representation of data, fully automated reports generation and e-mail delivery to the relevant people.
Dedicated CQ & AA Statistics Reports
Dedicated Reports for Auto Attendants & Call Queues.
Dynamic Dashboard including different widgets types
Microsoft Teams Historical Dashboard

solution gives users the option to obtain statistics on auto-attendant / queue / agent performance, such as: answered or missed opportunities, caller experience and promptness
in finding a resolution for incoming requests.

Cloud Licensing

  • A smart way to manage Subscription & Perpetual MoYoBi licenses for all your customers in a centralized view
  • A secured & online license consumption including status dashboards

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